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With the recent decline in national economic stability due to a reduction in oil reserves of the UAE, the Government of the UAE has decided to issue taxation policies as a measure to diversify its economy. All businesses and corporations of the UAE must file VAT with the government to come under the national tax cycle for legal earning.

VAT is a legal tax allowance certificate that allows the businesses to earn from their customers through their goods or services. It also makes the business bound to pay 5% of their earning to the government. The companies should maintain their legal profiles and also ensure alignment with the national business policies.

AEY Accounting LLC is here to help you with VAT registration in UAE. We provide legal and professional consultation in VAT filing with complete assistance in maintaining your records & filing your returns. We also assist you to develop formal documents & help implement steps to ensure that your business is VAT compliant.

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VAT registration does not come easy. There are various rules and procedures that need to be followed for this purpose. Also, the companies need to maintain a certain profile for being a part of the VAT circle. AEY is here to assist you with ensuring that you meet the eligibility criteria and get VAT registered without a thing to worry about.

With the registration of VAT, all companies are bound to maintain their accounts profiles and make sure that their sheets are updated on a regular basis. They have to maintain all records and should be able to produce all documents whenever asked for. Therefore, it becomes a very important task for companies to maintain their profiles accurately. If they fail to record even a minor tax, transaction, or liability, this can cause a rejection of their VAT returns and ultimate rejection of the business license.

AEY Accounting LLC is here to help you by providing the most professional and hassle-free VAT registration services across the UAE. Get your business registered now to enjoy the full benefits of your business sales.