Receive Professional Auditing Services In Dubai From The Experts At AEY Accounting LLC

Considered amongst the top auditing companies in Dubai, AEY Accounting LLC is here to help you with its fully professional and resourceful methods and tools to conduct a stringent and non-inclined audit of your company. With no fears pertaining to privacy concerns, you have the leverage to control the data you want you to share.

We maintain the privacy of our clients by enabling a fully confidential and confident environment with the company. In direct relation with your company’s representatives, our expert auditors are there to consult your matters to the highest level of accuracy and assist you in auditing your business & accounts within the given timeframe.

When Are The Services Of Auditors In Dubai Required?

You might require assistance with auditing when:

  • Company acquisition: to ensure a safe and healthy business reputation and accounts
  • Stakeholders or investors cancers: to assure business credibility before making investments
  • Government policy: to stay in line with the national policies with the best leverage attained
  • Routine review: to counter a hidden mishap in accounts and assets that might damage the company
  • Risk assessment: to know about the formal operations of the company in their corporate impacts
  • Management decision: to attain clarity in decisions and corporate rules

What Do We Offer As One Of The Leading Audit Firms In Dubai?

Being one of the leading audit companies in Dubai, we provide professional authentic audit services at exceptional rates. Our experts hold immense experience in corporate audit and assurance, and are readily available to assist you in different categories of audit including:

  • Financial audit: concerning company accounts, liabilities, assets, and investments
  • Compliance audits: concerning the efficacy in rules and regulations and their securities
  • Information systems: to check the infrastructure of the company and check its data goals with the company’s rules and procedures
  • Operational audit: concerning the working procedures and operations of the company in line to its security policies, rules, and accounts
  • Integrated audits: concerns to a composite audit of all departments of the company including finances, infrastructure, HR, and the operations.
  • Due Diligence: concerned towards due diligence of hidden business threats from various internal and external factors.